The Call

This is an unrestricted call which has arisen due to the recent move of our minister after nearly six years at Kingswells Church.

Declaration: The Kirk Session of Kingswells Church, recognising the desire to be an open and welcoming church to all, have decided to accept applications from individuals who are in a civil partnership or a same sex marriage to be considered for the vacancy. We are looking for a minister who is ecumenically minded with an enthusiastic outlook, and who can:

  • nurture our congregation through an active pastoral focus,
  • reach out, relate to, and inspire all ages within the Kingswells community and parish,
  • encourage the Kirk Session to develop their gifts to support the minister in his/her work,
  • help us to develop, through prayer, teaching and reflection, our ability to fulfil God’s purpose and our mission, and build on the foundations already in place.

We are:

  • keen to see our church grow and extend its presence in the community,
  • adaptable to change
  • a lively and welcoming congregation, with an established structure covering Pastoral Care, Education and Outreach, and Finance & Fabric, and Fundraising and Social Events.

Our Mission Statement, which was created originally in 1993, has been reviewed several times over the years, but is still felt to be as relevant and appropriate now as 25 years ago.

Our Mission Statement

CELEBRATE the Life of Christ,

CARE for one another,

CULTIVATE personal growth, and

COMMUNICATE the Love of God, by work and action, in our community and in the world.


Our Vision

To be at the centre and heart of the community,

To be active and relevant to young and old,

To care for and engage with our church members and the wider community, and

To be a place where all people can share meaningful worship.


If you are interested in applying for our vacancy, please download the Parish Profile and associated documents to find out more.

­2019 Kingswells Church of Scotland, Scottish Charity Number: SC006865